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Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1

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Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1

Post  OtakuTetsu on Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:42 am

This was taken from MUSIC JAPAN+ , all credit goes to them.


Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1
This Will Help You Love Golden Bomber More!

If you've never heard of the band, here's a chance to get to know the members!
If you already know who they are, here's an opportunity to learn more about them!

For this interview the MJP staff readied a few questions in order to help the MJP readers know more about Golden Bomber.
We asked the band 8 questions and the individual members 10 questions.

Needless to say none of the members gave straight answers!! [They love to joke around, so don't take their answers too seriously!]
For this week the MJP staff asked the entire band to tackle 8 questions.

"8 Questions to Know More about Golden Bomber as a Band"

Q1. How did you come up with the band name "Golden Bomber"?

Kiryuin Sho: Twenty years ago, when I was six, I saw a bright shining gold-colored goddess flying in the sky in the direction of north by northwest. That night, I experienced a peculiar dream. The goddess I saw in the direction of north by northwest spoke to me. "Golden Bomber? That's a silly band name!" That's how we named our band Golden Bomber.

Utahiroba Jun:We named the band "Golden Bomber" after we were able to secretly obtain an unpublished manga written by Mr. Toriyama Akira, the creator of "Dragon Ball." The title of the manga was "Golden Bomber." Because we used the title for our band name, Mr. Toriyama couldn't publish the manga. That's why although, "Golden Bomber" is a masterpiece, and it will never be published. That's also the reason why Mr. Toriyama created "Dragon Ball GT." "GT" stands for "Golden Bomber, tsubusu [I'm going to kill Golden Bomber]."

Q2. Why did you decide to become an "air band?"

Kiryuin Sho:First, the members weren't good at playing instruments. Second, by being an air band we won't have to suspend our activities even if one of the members can't perform.

Utahiroba Jun:We can't play instruments.

Q3. Your concerts incorporate plays [skits] and various other stage performances. They must be intricately planned. How do you come up with ideas about what to do during concerts?

Kiryuin Sho:Until recently I could come up with many ideas without any effort. But now I can't think of anything. We're done for!

Utahiroba Jun:The entire band gets together and discuss plans. But mostly we use ideas based on Kiryuin Sho's unique worldview.

Q4. Your CDs often include bonus video footage, and in those videos you tackle "daunting" challenges. Which challenge was the most difficult?

Kiryuin Sho:"キリちゃんの、ウホッ!今月のイイ男☆ / Kiri-chan no Uho! Kongetsu no Ii Otoko☆ [Roughly means "Kiryuin Sho Introduces This Month's Most Good-looking Guy']." For this challenge I had to choose "This Month's Most Good-looking Guy." I just chose a guy at random based on my personal preferences. Then I went to interview that guy without making an appointment beforehand! In the end we both lathered ourselves with lotion and fought a pro-wrestling match. The video finishes with both of us shouting "Uho!" ["Uho" is a sound made by gorillas, monkeys, etc.]

Utahiroba Jun:As part of collection of challenges titled "ガチュピンチャレンジシリーズ / Gachupin Challenge Series" I jumped into the sea while we were in Niigata. I seriously thought I was going to drown and die.

Darvish Kenji:I went out into the snow wearing just a pair of trunks (swimwear) and endured the cold for 30 minutes.

Q5. Many fans overseas might not have had an opportunity to see you perform live. So for those fans abroad that don't know much about Golden Bomber, please send a message and tell them what you think makes your band so special!

Kiryuin Sho:Slipknot is the best!

Utahiroba Jun:We were nearly chosen to create the title soundtrack for the movie "Titanic." At the very last minute the creators of "Armageddon" decided not to use us to write the main theme song for the film. But we are going to create the title soundtrack for the upcoming "Star Wars Episode 9999."

Darvish Kenji:Come and see us then decide for yourselves what makes us so special. You be the judge.

Q6. Which song would you recommend to fans who want to get to know more about Golden Bomber? Also, what are the strong points of that song?

Kiryuin Sho:Don't listen, feel!

Utahiroba Jun:The ViViD song "「夢」~ムゲンノカナタ~ / 「Yume」~Mugen no Kanata~" is a masterpiece. Please check it out.

Darvish Kenji:"女々しくて / Memeshikute." Once you've mastered the dance moves, you can call yourself "the best Golden Bomber fan".

Q7. At the beginning of the year, on January 6th you released the album "ゴールデンアワー 下半期ベスト2010 / Golden Hour Shimohanki Best 2010." Which parts do you like the most about the album?

Kiryuin Sho:The photo for the CD cover makes me look dashing.

Utahiroba Jun:The plastic case of the album uses somewhat expensive material. When you tap it with your nails, it makes a slightly hard sound as well as a slightly soft sound.

Darvish Kenji:I didn't write the songs so I have no idea.

Q8. What are your goals for 2011 as Golden Bomber?

Kiryuin Sho:I want to own a ramen restaurant.

Kyan Yutaka:(Kyan drew an illustration. He wants to marry and have lots of kids!)

Utahiroba Jun:We want to appear on the cover of "TIME" magazine.

Darvish Kenji:I want all of us to get along with each other so we won't break up. That's all I ask.

※Darvish drew an illustration of Earth.



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Re: Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1

Post  Chiyo on Thu Jun 09, 2011 5:04 am

Ah man, they're so stupid but loveable xDD

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Re: Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1

Post  Emmy on Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:43 am

I absolutely love reading their interviews XD They crack me up I love you

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Re: Questionnaire to Know More about Golden Bomber! Part 1

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