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Kumi says hello~ ^-^

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Kumi says hello~ ^-^

Post  KamikazeKumi on Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:34 am

I've never been very good at introduction posts -___-
Because I'm awkward like that, but anyway, I go by Kumi most often!
I also go by the user name nalm_qvist on Livejournal, so if you're on there "HEY~<3"

Umm... lets see, I've been into Golden Bomber for a while now, about a year or so, and from what I can see, most people are fairly new to GB which is GREAT!

I have a fair bit of their stuff, and I'm still working on getting the rest of it. But I'm an unemployed university student, so I can't afford much very often. Maybe when I get a chance I'll post all the stuff I have and I might take some requests (...if you're all good XD).

I am a total music junkie, its pretty much my only hobby, if finding new music and collecting cds and dvds. I have a LOT of stuff. I love all types of music and genre in all kinda of languages, but Jrock is my addiction. Besides Golden Bomber, I like, the GazettE, spiv states, M, EAT YOU ALIVE, Para:noir, CindyKate, the fool, Chemical Pictures (Tenten of ex.KuRt new band), Screw, Luzmelt, Sadie, DEAD END, and pretty much everything Kiyoharu does (solo, SADS, Kuroyume). There's tones more but it would take far too long to post them all! XD

Hope this wasn't too long for you all~ I look forward to chatting with you all ^-^

P.S. keep your eyes peeled in the media section for any little goodies I may post in the future~ >w<

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Re: Kumi says hello~ ^-^

Post  Emmy on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:58 pm

Welcome to the thread, Kumi! ^^

Wow... You sound a LOT like me XD Which is awesome, lmao~

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Re: Kumi says hello~ ^-^

Post  doodlekins on Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:57 pm

So many amazing bands you like. I hope to hear a lot from you. XD

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Re: Kumi says hello~ ^-^

Post  seishinshougai on Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:42 pm

Hii 8D
You asked me on lj to introduce myself here so -waves- I'm Tara (masqueradehime from lj) 8D Recently moved back to seishinshougai cos masquerade started blocking people like there was no tomorrow. Anyhow, I love your music taste and just like doodlekins, I hope to hear a lot from you as well 8D I also noticed how most members here are new to Golden Bomber which is great indeed but also fun to meet people who know GB a bit longer as well. What got you into them? Smile
Nice to meet you!

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Re: Kumi says hello~ ^-^

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