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Golden Bomber 30 Day Challenge

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Golden Bomber 30 Day Challenge

Post  doodlekins on Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:07 pm

If you have not seen the post I made on the Golden Bomber Meme I thought I would post this here, so you guys could put it on your own blogs if you wanted. Saw all those 30 day challenges for other bands so I modified it. Hope you enjoy. It's not the best but I tried. If you feel like changing anything go right ahead, it's your blog not mine lol.

Golden Bomber 30 Day Challenge

Day 1: How and when did you discover Golden Bomber?

Day 2: Who’s your favorite member?

Day 3: Your favorite album.

Day 4: Your favorite mini album.

Day 5: Your favorite single.

Day 6: Your favorite PV.

Day 7: Your favorite song from Boku Quest album.

Day 8: Your favorite song from Mata kimi no bango wo kikenakatta album.

Day 9: Your favorite song from Golden Best - Brassiere - album.

Day 10: Your favorite song from The Golden Best - Pressure - album.

Day 11: Your favorite song over all.

Day 12: A Golden Bomber song you know all the words to.

Day 13: Your favorite Golden Bomber era.

Day 14: Your first Golden Bomber song.

Day 15: Your first Golden Bomber PV.

Day 16: Your favorite group picture.

Day 17: Your favorite Kiryuuin Shou picture.

Day 18: Your favorite Darvish Kenji picture.

Day 19: Your favorite Utahiroba Jun picture.

Day 20: Your favorite Kyan Yutaka picture.

Day 21: Your band OTP.

Day 22: Your favorite live performance.

Day 23: Most memorable Golden Bomber moment.

Day 24: Your favorite Golden Bomber clip/comment.

Day 25: Your favorite interview.

Day 26: Your favorite Golden Bomber quote.

Day 27: A Golden Bomber song which you can relate to the most.

Day 28: Your favorite Golden Bomber lyrics.

Day 29: Your favorite Golden Bomber gif.

Day 30: If you could say one thing to all of Golden Bomber, what would it be?

The “favorite song from ___ album” part confused me when I was changing this. They have so many “best” albums, so sorry if that part isn’t as exciting. Tried to include as many songs as possible.

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